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Are burning eyes a sign of allergies ?

After eat some peanut, my eyes feel burning. I check it with in mirror, my eyes are swelling and red. What happen to my eyes? Is it eye allergies? What should i do? Please help!
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  • Chenely


    I think your swelling and red eyes are caused by allergies. Do you suffer from this symptom every time after eating peanuts? If you do, I can assure that you are allergic to peanuts. You can't eat peanuts anymore and you also must avoid other foods which made of peanuts or contain some peanuts.
  • Eric rupert


    I can't totally agree with the guy in the above, because maybe it is just a coincidence. There are still some possibilities that you have some problem of your eyes. You may get an infection which may lead to swelling and red eyes. You may suffer from pink eye. So I think you should see an eye doctor.