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Are there any attachments to glasses that can make them a little more effective as safety glasses?

Basically I want to know if there are attachments that can protect you from the sides almost like safety glasses.
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  • 04/12/2012

    Yes I have heard that there are temporary, removable sideshields that can protect your eyes a little more effective than regular glasses.Though they will never be as good as safetyglasses, it’s better than nothing.You can order them in many optical stores.
  • Matthew baker


    I don't know how to do this. You can ask an optician to see whether he or she can do that for you or not. But I think the problem lies in which kind of material the safety glasses are made by. The safety glasses will spider other than break into pieces when they was hit. So they will cause less damage to our eyes. But we know that the glasses made by glass can break into pieces. If you want to coat the glass glasses, they can at most prevent your eyes from harmful UV rays or computer reflections. But they will break into pieces as well when they were hit by foreign objects. So the material plays an important role in this case. If you want to find some glasses that can work like safety glasses, you must ask the optician which material is more durable.
  • A.L


    No, you can't make a pair of regular glasses a pair of safety glasses. They are totally different products. glasses are designed to help correct vision problems while safety glasses are designed to protect our eyes when we are working in a dangerous environment or take part in intense activities. But there is a kind of lenses that will spider when they are hit by foreign objects. They are safer than glass lenses or plastic lenses. You can have a look in any eyeglasses stores. Good luck!
  • casebell


    Which kind of attachment do you want to add to your glasses? Replace the lenses? I think there is no need to add any attachment to your glasses. They have different functions. You can wear the safety glasses when you need them. You can wear glasses to help correct your vision problems. There is a kind of lenses that is more durable and scratch resistant. They won't break into pieces if they are broken. So they are a good choice for your glasses.