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Is it bad to wear safety glasses all day?

We are now required to wear safety glasses all day. i do not wear prescription glasses because my eyesight is pretty good. will wearing safety glasses all day be bad for my eyes? Would it affect anything else like give me headaches?
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  • 04/14/2012

    In fact, you only need to get one that suits you fine and it is comfortable to wear.Make sure your glasses won’t get in the way of what you are doing.I think all the expensive and also cheap safety glasses will get destroyed while firing though many people use Oakley as safety glasses.
  • 04/14/2012

    You’d better not wear safety glasses all day. It can be very dangerous.
  • hill


    Safety glasses can protect your eyes. I think safety glasses are suitable for people who don't have any vision problem. They will not do great damage to your eyes. If you need to wear them for a whole day during your work time, you'd better not take them off.
  • William clive


    It is safe to wear safety glasses all day. You don't need to worry about this. The lenses are just like plano sunglasses. They can't correct vision problem. So you will see things exactly the same as that with your bare eyes.


    They are not prescription glasses. They can't give you a stronger degree. So you won't catch headaches after using them. Safety glasses can protect our eyes. If there is something that rightly hit around our eyes, the safety glasses can prevent our eyes from being hurt. Besides, the safety glasses are stronger than other kind of glasses. They will spider after being hit by foreign objects. But they will not break into pieces and damage our eyes.
  • cazik


    It depends on which kind of safety glasses that your will choose. I heard that the wrapped glasses will lead to raccoon eyes if you wear them for a whole day because the circulation around your eyes will be restricted. But usually the safety glasses will not cause great damage to our eyes. Some workers must wear a pair of safety glasses during their work because they are under a very dangerous environment, their eyes as well as other parts of their body need to be protected.