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What are some eye exercises I could do to improve eyesight?

I am short-sighted and just starting to become long-sighted as well. I was wondering, are there any simple eye exercises I could do to improve my eyesight?
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  • 04/14/2012

    There aren’t any simple eye exercises you can do to improve my eyesight.The only way for you is to see an eye doctor and get a pair of prescription glasses.Eye exercises won’t improve your eyesight obviously.
  • Kaylee


    There are many ways for you to maintain your eye health. Try eye exercise, herbal treatment or nutrients supplements. Besides, you may need to keep a healthy habit of using eyes. Pay more attention to eye hygiene is also very important. Don't worry. My friend keeps her eyesight for 3 days. She said that maintain the health of the eyes can prevent the eyesight from decreasing. She also told me that eye exercise is good for her eyes but she need to do it every day. You can have a try too. Hope this helped!


    All the eye exercises are very simple. But the most important part is to stick on it for a long time. And you also need to persist on doing it after you have seen any sign of improvement.
  • etherealfreak


    There are many suggestions. You can have a look at
  • claire_lew


    Usually our eyesight decreases slowly. But if we adapt the correct way to maintain the health of our eyes, the eyesight may remain the same. So if you find that your eyesight decrease dramatically or you suffer from blurred vision occasionally, you'd better see an eye doctor immediately. Sometimes, these symptoms can be a warning sign of some kind of serious eye disease of health problems. Doctors can recognize them for you timely.