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Do eye exercises actually help maintain eyesight and delay?

Just as going to gym regularly, eating well helps you remain healthy for a longer age, do eye exercise help in delaying glasses, maintaining eyesight etc? 2. There are lot of books on Eye exercises, Bates method and lot of reviews for them on Amazon claim their vision improved from 20/60 to 20/40. Is that possible?
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  • 04/12/2012

    No serious science has shown that any eye exercises (Bates, etc.) can ever maintain the eyesight and delay the need for eyeglasses or contacts. Books on eye exercises claim that they can improve the vision haven’t been proved effectively.If they actually worked, there would be not so many people wearing glasses.So it’s impossible for eye exercises to help maintain eyesight and delay.
  • george


    I think eye exercise can help in maintaining my eyesight and delaying new prescription glasses as long as I keep on doing it every day. I have being doing eye exercise for almost 2 years. It works. So I strongly suggest you to have a try.
  • Bug


    Eating well can help maintain our eye health. The best way to supply our eyes with nutrients and vitamins is to keep a healthy diet. And this kind of way can remain healthy for a longer age. I think eye exercise can help in delaying glasses because they help maintain the heath of our eyes so our eyesight will decrease slowly.
  • Dylan fergus


    You can have a try. Eye exercise won't have side effects on your eyes. They can help relieve eye fatigue. If they can't improve your vision, they can help maintain your eye health. I often do eye exercise when I am free. I will look at the distance for a long time every time I am tired.

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