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How long can anti glare coating last on eye glasses?

I am going to have anti-glare coating on my new glasses,but I have heard it can come off easily.So I wonder how long it can generally last.
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  • Mariah


    It depends on the condition of your lenses, if they haven't been scatched, generally speaking, a quality anti reflection coating should last at least 2 years. Make sure never wipe your lenses when they are dry, but rinse them first under warm water, then use the special cleaning cloth wipe it. If they are scratched within 2 years, you jusy need to replace it with new lenses.
  • Johane


    If the anti-glare coating is good, it will last at least 2 years. Some better one will last even longer. I have worn a pair of glasses with anti-glare coating for 3 years, and now it is still in good condition.
  • Alexandria taylor


    If you pay enough care to it and don't make it scratched,it can last as long as many years.You should be especially careful when cleaning it.I have a pair of anti-glare glasses and they are in the third year now.