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How does the anti-glare coating work?

I think the anti-glare coating on my glasses are not doing its job,I can still see all the reflection and shine.How to make sure the anti-glare coating is working?
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  • Russ


    The effect of anti-glare coating is not very noticeable for some wearers, as up to 95% of light is absorbed rather than reflected off of the lens surface. Especially for people with strong prescription or for those with high index lenses, the anti-glare coating may get the best light transmission thus to ensure you the appearance of eyeglasses.
  • Nicholas campbell


    The anti-glare coating will allow more light to pass through the lens and less light to bounce off from the lens. It will make your lens invisible so that people can see your eyes clearly. And it will give you better vision of the images.

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