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How to tighten oakley sunglasses?

I have got a pair of Oakley sunglasses. But the sunglasses are a little bit bigger than my eye head. They often slip down from my nose. Can you tell me how to tighten the oakley sunglasses? Any idea?
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  • green


    Yes, most sunglasses, including the Oakley sunglasses, are designed to fit the average face width. Sunglasses should fit snugly on your face but if your face is narrow they may not fit correctly, then I think you have known the result: your Oakley sunglasses will slip down from your nose. Of course, there must be some ways to solve if there is some problem. The first and easiest way for you is that you can take your Oakley to the shop where you bought it, and the pros will help you make it fit you and your face. Then if you want to do it by yourself, following is some steps for you. First of all, you can insert a mini screwdriver into the screw hinges, which will tight the frame of the sunglasses. Meanwhile, you can adjust the nose pads of the sunglasses to make the sunglasses fit you better. The ways above will help you adjust your Oakley sunglasses to fit you. Good luck.
  • Cassidy


    Different from eye glasses, sunglasses are not fitted to our face. Most optometrists will tighten sunglasses for little or no cost, but you can also tighten the shades by yourself with a few tools. There are several ways to tighten the oakley sunglasses. Tighten the arms of the sunglasses; Reposition the frame of the sunglasses; Adjust the nose pads of the sunglasses.
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    You have no choice but to send it back to the seller. Oakley sunglasses has a 12-month warranty and they will repair your sunglasses during warranty time.Warm tips: you should make clear that your sunglasses are not broken by human people. Eh, here is another idea, that is adjust them in an appropriate way in glasses stores, but if do so, you would spend some extra money.