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What should i not do after cataract surgery?

I just took a cataract surgery. Can you tell me that what should i not do in this period of time for recovery?
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  • Adam peters


    Cataract surgery once considered a major operation. A patient would stay in the hospital at least a week. Recovery rate could take up to six months. After Cataract surgery, you cannot rub eye, resting your eyes frequently. In a month, you do not lower your head too much to do something, not eating acrimony and excitant food, eating more food containing vitamin C, A, B.
  • cheesykittycat


    Well, you'd better have a good rest during your recovery. Do not stare computer or television in a long time. You can read books and newspaper to pass your spare time, but just lasts one hour and have a 15--minute rest. No smoking, no drinking. Do not stay up, or your eyes will become strain. Taking a note from your doctor and take medicines on time. If your eyes have something wrong in this period of time for recovery, call your doctor at first.


    You should not:1.Rub or squeeze your eye. 2.Introduce anything in your eye other than your eye drops. 3.Allow water to enter into your eye while washing your face or during having a bath. 4.Allow situations in which you are vulnerable to being hit in the face or the eye. 5.Bend over to grab something. You should also avoid face-down positions. 6.Perform any vigorous activity until approved by your ophthalmologist. 7.Drive until approved by your ophthalmologist. Do not ever risk doing anything above, take good care of the eye, and hope you can recover soon. if you want to know more ,just read at the following website, it will show you more information about thing after the cataract surgery.