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miguel gaytan


Can i exercise with contacts?

Is it OK for me to wear contact lenses when i do some exercises. Any ideas?
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  • Brooke peters


    If you do some strenuous exercise, you had better not wear contact lenses. For example: swimming, football, basketball, practicing sanda, etc. In General, for normal movement, it is ok to wear contact lenses, like jogging, billiards, fitness and so on, but it is decided by people's own situations. If your eyesight is not very serious, there won't have too big effect.
  • Erika


    Generally speaking, you can enjoy your exercise while wearing the contacts. As we all know, it is hard for us to swipe the sweat while wearing the eyeglasses. As a result of the fact, many guys prefer to wear contacts lenses to help them see clearly. Of course, there are still some notice you should keep in mind, for example, you should choose the soft contacts because you will spend more time on finding you lenses if you choose the hard lenses. If you exercise at a sunny or windy day, I think you had better make your eyes have a rest after some time, and give some eye drops is the best way to keep your lenses and eyes wet. Meanwhile, after finishing your sports, you should put off your contacts at your first convenience and put the lenses into the solution. Last but not the least, you should use some drops to help your eyes wet and comfortable in case the eye infection.
  • Adam tuener


    Wearing contact lenses when you do some exercises are much better than wear glasses. Because some sports allow body touching, so your opponents may hit your glasses by accident, then the broken glass could hurt your face. So you'd better wear contact lenses when do exercise. However, do not touch your eyes with your hands during exercising because of germs and sweat on your hands. And you have to take off wear contacts while swimming.

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