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Ana evelyn


Can i wash my face with contacts on?

Is it OK to wash my face when i wear my contact lenses? Does that cause any damages to my eyes?
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  • Melanie gerard


    It is bad to wash your face when you wear contact lenses. Because the exposive of the eyes to Acanthamoeba, an organism that commonly lives in tap water, can lead to difficult to treat, painful, and even blinding infections. Tap water is pure to drink, but it's not sterile. You had better not wear contact lenses when you wash your face.
  • deep


    can a contact lens comes out when we wash our eyes with water
  • Zachary


    Yeah, as a contacts wearer for about 10 years, I strongly suggest you had better not wash your face while you wear the contacts on. Because as we all know that when you wash your face, there must be some water which will flow through your face, including your eyes, and then the result is that your eyes will get infection. Nevertheless, I know some girls will not follow it as they want to ask the contacts lens to help them see more clearly while washing face. If you really think so, pls get ease and I have some ways to help you, namely, while washing face, you can close your eyes, if so, you can get rid of the water avoiding eye infection. I sincerely hope you can take the proper wayside to put on lenses and wash your face so that your loved eyes will be safe. Wish what I said can help you, and good luck.
  • garcia


    Well, you have nothing to do but take off your contacts when you wash your face. Facial cleanser contains much chemical substance which will cause eye infection if they are in your eyes. Meanwhile the water is also not so clean, and your sweat , dirty substance on your face all are harmful for your eyes. So wash your eyes without wearing contact lenses can avoid eye infection.
  • deer


    what we have to do when we unable to contact lens off from a ete

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