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How to get eyelash glue off my eyes?

I wear fake eyelash. Can now, i want to take off my fake eyelash, but it left some glue om my eyelid. What can i do to remove the glue off my eyes?
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  • Eric quick


    You can use baby oil. It is very easy to use and you can also use Vaseline, thus the eyelash glue will come off very easy. You just need to rub it back and forth along the base of the lash to help remove any glue that has been left behind. Don't forget to take small portions of oil or Vaseline, making sure that you take your time. I think you don't want any of the glue, of the oil or Vaseline to get into your eye.
  • castro_jan


    LOL. Many girls know that eyelashes are a good ways to help eye extension. And also after getting off the eyelashes, removing the glue left behind is very important. Now and here I will tell you that an easy way to remove the glue and everyone can learn and use it. First of all, you should prepare the baby oil, Vaseline as well, and cotton swab. Then, put the baby oil or Vaseline on the cotton swab and lightly wipe your eyelid. Please note that while doing it, you should close your eyes in case that the oil or the glue comes into your eyes. If you do so, the eyelashes glue will come off very easily. After that if you still find some glue still stick to your eyelid, just simply rub it back and forth along the base of the lash helping remove any glue that has been left behind. Yeah, it really work every time when you use this way, I think you can have a try then you will find a big surprise.
  • Jean Caster


    Close your eyes and make clean water frush them, or take a shower. Don't use any facial cleanser if you really left some glue on your eyelid. Best way to deal with them is to let warm water crush them for ten-minute and then use a towel to dry your eye. After doing these, then you can use facial cleanser to get rid of them thoroughly.