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Lucy Smith


Where are oversized sunglasses available?

I'm very fond of big sunglasses cuz such sunglasses are more trendy and cooler. But the sunglasses i often see are not so big, where can i get big sized sunglasses? And how much?
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  • Black05213


    Actually oversized sunglasses are also called wraparound sunglasses because they can wrap around even half of your face, thus to protect your eyes and filter the sunshine better. Checkout sunglasses/Wraparounds.htm, to see if you can find your favorate sunglasses.
  • walker626


    Oversized sunglasses are a fashion trend in recent years. More and more people choose to wear oversized sunglasses, so you will find many oversized sunglasses either at the real store or online. I know is a good online optical store that you can choose your oversized sunglasses. They have a very competitive price that you can afford, so just go to search your sunglasses there.
  • Jessica


    Why not get them online? I know some stores offer oversized sunglasses at relatively affordable price. Firmoo is the most impressive,for high quality glasses and the price are almost 80% lower than that of brick and mortar stores. Check out at
  • Zoe Wang


    Oversized sunglasses are type of sunglasses that made of big frame and lenses. They sunglasses can wrap around the eyes well so as to protect the eyes from every angles from intensive light and UV rays. And oversized sunglasses are available at every eyeglasses shop. You can have a check at your local eyeglasses shop. If you can't find it, you can search them online such as Just go ahead.
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