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Does wearing eyeglasses consistently change the shape of your eyes?

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  • Danielle


    No, eyeglasses only focus the light so that it will land in your eyes correctly. When your prescription changes, it's because your eyes have grown, and now the eyeglasses need to be replaced to refocus the light. Once your eyes are done growing, you will hardly need any prescription changes. Although, if you think about it, eyeglasses can indirectly affect the shape of your eyes. Without eyeglasses, you might squint, causing a change in the shape of your eyeball. Then, when you put on your eyeglasses, you won't squint anymore, and the eye balls can take their regular shape.
  • Adam tuener


    Actually, I do not wear eyeglasses but my husband does. I found that the shape of his eyes was changed because wearing eyeglasses. His eyes was sinked and got black eyes. So I think wearing eyeglasses has something to do with the shape of the eyes. Hope this helpful.
  • Lily zhou


    Eyeglasses do not alter the shape of your eyes in any way. They only correct your vision when you are wearing them. The eyes can appear smaller if you are nearsighted and use a minus lens, or larger if you are farsighted and use a plus lens.