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How to know whether my eyeglasses have my pupillary distance or not?

I have just bought a new eyeglasses, I know already my pupillary distance (PD) which is 62 mm. Now, how do I know whether my this new eyeglasses have my PD correctly. I'm asking that because I'm not comfortable with it, so I don't know is that because it's just new or because it doesn't have my PD correctly. P.S. I've already checked my eyeglasses measurement and it's correct, the only remaining thing is to make sure that it match my PD correctly.
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  • Ronda


    You've already checked your eyeglass measurement and it's correct ? What measurement is that ? You can't have checked the power or the axis if there is a cylinder power. The only way to check the PD reliably and really accurately is to have an optician check it in a lensometer and dot the optical centers , then measure it. A wrong PD can have very subtle effects on the visual comfort, but it also depends on the power as to how precise it has to be.If you elaborated on what you mean , we may be able to eliminate the PD as a cause.
  • handygrl_90


    Honestly speaking, we can not know our PD just from eyeglasses lenses without the help of measuring machine. So the only way is that you need to take your eyeglasses to your optician and measure it and then you can know your PD. However, according to your problem, if the eyeglasses is new to you, it will take some time to adapt to it.