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Should i wear eyeglasses?

i have 50/25 vision. i think it's quite small but some people are insisting that i should wear/buy one as it might get worse over time
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  • Kelsey McNew


    50/25 is not an actual visual acuity measurement. I assume this may be a typo and you mean 20/25 or 20/50. If you mean 20/25, then in your place, I would not wear eyeglasses because it is really close to normal vision. You would be able to pass the eye test at the DMV easily. If mean mean 20/50, then you should wear eyeglasses when you need to for distance. The vision in my left eye is around 20/50 and my right eye is 20/20. I notice a significant difference when I correct the vision in my left eye. I wear eyeglasses as needed for distance.
  • Catherine


    Personally I think you need not wear eyeglasses because you will be dependent on eyeglasses once you wear it. Your vision is very close to normal vision, you can take some eye excise to recovery your good vision. Hope this helpful.
  • Vincet


    I think you should, but only for reading things in far distances and maybe watching tv. I had a little short sightedness and didn't where glasses and now I have really bad vision and I regret it a lot. Good luck.