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How to get rid of the smell on my eyeglasses?

I wear eyeglasses and I work at a restaurant for 6 hours. And ALL the time, my clothes, hair, earrings AND my eyeglasses smell. How do I get rid of the smell without staining my glasses?
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  • Barbara Mellon


    It is very simple. Just put your eyeglasses under running water for a while and use soft cloth to dry it out. Moreover, you can still put your eyeglasses under wind for some time, the smell will gone itself. Hope this helpful.
  • chemicalumnesnt


    if your eyeglass frames are plastic instead of metal, and if you have no anti-reflective coating on your eyeglasses, you could try soaking them in lemon juice or vinegar - both are known to neutralize odorrs. Then wash in liquid joy soap afterwards to get rid of the vinegar-stink. Any acid will pit or even remove the AR coating so don't try this if you ahve one. You could try a soak in baking soda & water, otherwise -- but don't scrub this on the eyeglasses, it will scratch them. Just soak them, then rinse it all away.
  • Tanna


    You can try this method to get rid of the smell on your eyeglasses: Rinsing in soap and water, use a wet cotton or soft cloth to clean, Dunking in dish soap, Wash the entire frame, including the nose pads. Do not use citric based detergent or dish soap. This can damage the glasses. Dry the glasses gently with a Cotton Vest.