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Can eyeglasses change the size of your ears?

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  • b3li3ve


    I have worn glasses for many years now and my ears are still the same as they were when I first started wearing them. I don't think glasses will make much of a difference on your ears but I do know that you ears do change shape and size the older you get which has nothing to do with glasses.
  • comingoutloud


    I've never heard that the eyeglasses will change the size of one's ears. However, I know that eyeglasses will cause the pain of ears due to the size of the frames. Sometimes it is too tight for your ears. To resolve this problem, the optician can reshape and adjust the curve at the end of the temple when your pick your eyeglasses up, but can't make the temples shorter or longer, so make sure you select the best length.
  • Christopher dale


    No, I can not imagine that the eyeglasses can change the size of the ears. I just know if the eyeglasses is too tight for you, it will cause the pain of the ears.
  • Ken


    Trust me, eyeglasses can not change the size of your ears, Most frames should be getting more support because they pinch the side of the head. Your ears contain lots of cartilage, so the likelihood of your ears changing size because of your glasses is unlikely. your ears may appear to be bigger because the frames create a vertical separation from the top and bottom of your head. It's all about ratios of top portion, bottom portion and how much space the ear takes up.