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Ana clive


Can anyone give me recommendations for the lenses with my prescription?

Hi, I'm looking to get a pair of prescription glasses and I was wondering if there are recommended lens because of my prescription. OD: -7.75 OS: -6.25 -0.50 X 135 PD: 30.5/31.5 thanks!
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    I would suggest that you go with the High Index 1.67 lens. It will give you a thinner lens and no one will be able to tell what your prescription is. I myself am a -6.50 so I can completely appreciate the High Index lens options! Moreover, #FL18248 is a great model for higher prescription. Hope this helpful.
  • cook


    Your prescription is a little bit strong, so here I kindly suggest you to choose a frame with the height less than 30mm. Because if you choose big frame with the height much higher than 30mm, it will cause circles just like the bottom of a beer bottle. Moreover, you can choose either 1.60 index lenses or 1.67 index lenses. With the same prescription, 1.67 index lenses is a little bit thinner than 1.60 index lenses. Hope this can help you out.