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Catherine williams


How long should I wait to wear new makeup if I have conjunctivitis?

I was diagnosed with conjunctivitis,but I used to wear make up in my daily life.I don't want it to spread to my eyes again,so how long should I wait to wear makeup?
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  • abbyabbie


    I had suffered from bacterial conjunctivitis, my doctor adviced me not to use make up for two weeks after the recovery. Because conjunctivitis is very contagious, the bad result of conjunctivitis is "pink eyes" which is extremely contagious and typically affects both eyes.
  • Danielle lewis


    There are several reasons that cause the conjunctivitis. You should find out the exact reason that cause your conjunctivitis.If it is caused by bacteria, then you need to wait for almost two weeks and then you can wear your new makeup. For some other reasons, you may wait for a longer time.
  • Catherine


    For safe reason,you should wait as long as possible. Perhaps one month after the recovery.You can ask your doctor before wearing makeup.