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Arianna griffin


Will square glasses look good on people with a oval face?

I want to buy trendy glasses to flatter my face. I have a oval face and i prefer big square glasses because they are so fashionable in 2012. Will they look great on me?
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  • handsdown9871


    You should take the size, color, shape and material of glasses when you choose one to flatter your face. The general key is that the frame shape should contrast with your face shape. Generally speaking, people with oval face should look for eyeglass frames that are as wide as the broadest part of the face, or walnut-shaped frames that are not too deep or too narrow. So square glasses may look good on you. You would better try them on in solid shops to determine if they flatter you. There are a variety of styles and colors of glasses available. You can first go to some online stores to have a look.
  • copelynrose


    square glasses are just like specially designed for people with oval face. Oval face has very beautiful soft check, so the shape of square glasses will help to balance the curve. By adding some angles on face, people with square glasses will look earnest and reliable. Besides, I want to recommend you to choose the square glasses with little curve angle. Do not look down on the little details. They can have a very important role in making you look greater but mean.
  • walksonfloors


    Yes, almost every eyewear is good-looking for the people with oval face. Oval face is the standard of beauty face. Congratulations. You are so lucky if you have such features. It is so suitable for you to wear a variety of frames. The only thing that you need pay attention to is that the size of frame is proportional to the face, especially female with oval face. However, it is not the good choice to wear the glasses with frame which is too high and flat.
  • AI


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