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I just had my vision correction surgery three days ago, are there any matters needing attention?

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  • Jomer


    You can't wear contact lenses for three weeks before and after the surgery. After the surgery, you should never read, watch TV or use the computer and phone, moreover you must close your eyes and take long rest.
  • Alissa


    It is very necessary for you to buy a pair of dark tinted sunglasses. After having the vision correction surgery, your eyes are very sensitive to the light, you should wear sunglasses when going out, it can effectively protect your eyes.
  • Olpfr


    After the operation, you need to return to the hospital in time and take the medicine strictly according to the doctor's advice. Generally speaking, eyes may appear bilge painful, shed tears and illuminant sensitive. It is normal, but if these symptoms get worse, you should immediately return to the hospital for review.