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My son is in junior high school, can he have the vision correction surgery?

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  • Zplwsee


    Your son can be treated by the vision correction surgery, but not until he is 18, and the thickness of his cornea needs to be checked before surgery. You as a parent also need to focus on the protection of his eyes in daily life.
  • Oplre


    You'd better take him for a comprehensive eye examination first. The indication of laser treatment should be below 800 degrees. At the same time, the best indication is below 600 degrees, because the recurrence rate can be significantly reduced in this range, so if his prescription is within this range, he can undertake the treatment.
  • Hioler


    There is a need to consider according to specific circumstance before myopic operation. Generally speaking, if he is true myopia, and there is no contraindication, he can have such surgery when his ocular maturation.