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Gabriella rodney


What happens if you get toilet water in my eye?

I feel eye pain because i get little toilet water in my eye. What will happen to my eyes? Will it cause any eye damages?
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  • Isabelle garcia


    It will happen nothing. It will not cause your eyes damages. There are defense systems to eliminate bacteria in our eyes. So, when your eyes contacts with toilet water, it will fight against with the bacteria. You can use some warm water to clean your eyes and use a cloth to rub your eyes. But if you doing so and you still feel eye pain, you should see a doctor. Maybe your eyes get infected. But don't worry as the chance to get infected is remote.
  • cherry_bloss0m


    Oh, it seems that what you have got is terrible, so sorry to hear that. So, it is true natural for you to have such feelings since toilet water contains loads and loads of bacteria which could give rise to some infections or uncomfortable feelings. Of course there will be some slight damage, however, take it easy, it would not be deadly. You should clean your eyes with plenty of water and consult a doctor.
  • Zachary garcia


    Because toilet water contains many chemical substances, so when it enters into your eye, it stimulates your eye and make you feel eye pain and does certain harm to your eye. If you wash your eye immediately with clean water and wipe it with neat cloth, afterwards you drip some eyedrops into the eye, then the problem is not serious. If you find the eye red and swollen, then it may inflame, under such circumstance, you need to go to see an ophthalmologic doctor as early as possible.

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