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Are all native sunglasses polarized?

I want to buy a pair of native sunglasses. But i also want to polarized lenses. Are all native sunglasses polarized?
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  • Catherine williams


    Yes, all native sunglasses are polarized. Because all native sunglasses are made with polarized crystal carbonate lenses and it can block the harmful light of UVA and UVB light. When you wear them, you can easily used to different light conditions. What is more, native sunglasses are of good quality and lightweight. They are so durable that they can withstand high-velocity collisions and high or low temperatures.It is a good choice to buy native sunglasses.
  • Sig


    Not all native sunglasses are polarized. Some types are just owned with the character of normal coating parts which will help you eyes protect from the strong sun lights and uv. If you have the polarized requirements to go driving and fishing, you could choose the limited types among the native sunglasses. You'd better buy one from the real store which will prove the real character.
  • chocolateeeee


    Well, yes, generally speaking, native sunglasses are all polarized. For they have UV protection, they can protect your eyes from the UV rays and the bright sunlight. Anyway, it can be very beneficial for your eyes, especially when you have activities outdoors. Besides, you also should know that native sunglasses are made in USA. Also, as we know that native sunglasses are designed to provide the absolute best in comfort and safety, not to mention incredible versatility. And you can find many different models, such as the Nano2 4-Lens polarized sunglasses and the Native Silencer 4-Lens System. Many people have experienced that by wearing native sunglasses, it can boast interchangeable lenses for any light conditions you find yourself working in. well, and we can say that it is a kind of comfortable and protective safety sunglasses. Besides, you can buy them at They can only cost 75 dollars. Anyway, you should not miss them; just buy them as soon as possible.