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James green


How much do prescription sunglasses cost at walmart vision center?

Is there anyone who has bought prescription sunglasses at Walmart Vision Center? Are they expensive ? Is it comfortable to wear?
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  • Alexander david


    Eh, the prices of prescription sunglasses at Walmart Vision Center are various because of vary types. But the prices are around 40---80 dollars. There are7 items online and 63 items are in stores only. Now save at Walmart Vision Center--prescription lenses, frames and a 12-month guarantee from 38 dollars. Some of these prescription sunglasses take high tech and materials. They are elegant and beautiful and is comfortable to wear.
  • elliekate825


    It depends on what kind of sunglasses you want. The prices of frames with different material are different. And also the filter lenses are more expensive than lenses without filter. Usually a pair of glasses cost at least $40 depending on the type of frame and lens prescription. And you can visit the web site of walmart, in the vision center you can have a scan of many kinds of sunglasses and get much information. Some news of walmart says they focus on customers' needs and take care of service and products' quality, so I think is should be comfortable to wear sunglasses bought from walmart. If there is a doctor's store near your area, you can go there and have a look. You may find a lower price than walmart.
  • Caitlin owen


    Yes, there is. The price of prescription sunglasses at walmart viison center can charge from $ 20 to $120. The price difference lies on the materials of the lenses and the frames. You could base on your needs and favors to choose one. Walmart is such a good place for you to buy the sunglasses because of the suitable price and the excellent quality.
  • george


    I checked out my local Wal-Mart. They said they have frames starting as cheap as $18 and they go up to $140.They charge $49 for the eye exam.Their cheapest lenses are plastic (as expected) for only $30. The $30 lenses have no coatings on them. They charge an extra $10 for UV coating and $35 for anti-reflective coating.They also offer the polycarbonate lenses (impact resistant and lighter) with UV coating, scratch resistant coating, and anti-reflective coating for $118.Based on people's comments on Walmart Vision Center, people are generally very pleased with the customer service and quality of the product they've received. The one complaint that came up several times was the wait time.

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