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What should i do if vodk gets into my eyes?

I just got some vodk into my eyes. What should i do right now? Any suggestion? Please help.
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  • Brooke


    Don't worry. It generally doesn't damage the eye itself - or affect vision (but if those symptoms are present and persist, to seek treatment). It's rarely necessary to go to the ER due to rubbing alcohol in the eye. Meanwhile best way is to stand in the shower and let warm water bathe the eye for about 15 minutes (and that eye wash wasn't necessary).
  • walkingalone121


    According to your description, your situation seems to be a little serious, since alcohol is not to be mixed with our eyes. And it will drain the water in your eyes which is bad for your eyes. My advice for you is to clean your eyes as soon as possible. Better yet, go to see a doctor and follow his instructions. You are gonna be fine, just relax and pay due attention to your eyes.
  • Luis lewis


    You must flush with water immediately. You can use a lot of water, put eyes into the water, and let one eye rotating up and down, then flip eyelid fluctuatelly with hand, make the eye inside and outside be flushed, and then, dry your face and eyes with cotton ball-flower or noodles paper. If the below advice have no effect, you must go to see the doctor.
  • Jonathan griffin


    As you know the main contents of vodka is alcohol and water, then there's nothing serious about it. The main element of alcohol is Ethanol; it's a kind of mild and organic solvent. It may bring you a little irritating feeling when it gets into your eyes. Please wash it with clean water thoroughly and immediately. No serious hurt will be caused by it, so please don’t worry. Alkali will do harm to your eyes more than acid material. Ethanol is belonged to weak acid fields. If it remains just in a second with a bit splash, there will be no question with timely water washing. However, if strong discomfort exists, or find some hurt in your eyes, you must promptly go to a doctor.