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Adam peters


What to wear with shutter shades?

I have a pair of shutter shades. What type of clothes can i wear to make up myself? Any suggestion?
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  • cabanaboy01


    Wow, the shutter shades are so fashionable which will absolutely attract a lot of people's eyes. I think there are many clothing style you can wear to match with your shutter shades. The leisure clothing can be the most suitable ones. But you should take the color of clothing into consideration to make the whole match be in harmony.
  • Mya harris


    If you want to look with shutter shades, you shall avoid any formal and conserve clothes such as business suits. You can try some special style clothes such as odd T-shirt, bright colored clothes and worn out jeans, shorts or other skirt etc. You'd better try on them yourself so as to make sure what clothes will best match you and your shutter shades.
  • crush_star


    Shutter shades are eyeglasses for shows so that most show clothes will go with them. Jacket with sparkling decorations, Chaparajos or funny boots are good for shutter shades. Shutter shades are kind of punk style. You can wear then when you go to a rock star concert or a pub. What will you wear in those occasions? You can dye you hair, wear exaggerate ear rings and take your amp with you. Or if you want to do easy, just wear jeans and T-shirt. That is also OK for shutter shades. The only thing you shall pay attention to is don’t wear them for dinner with your suits or dress.
  • crystaljade


    Firstly, it depends on what color of your shutter shades is. You'd better not wear a pair of shutter shades and put on clothes in the same color. Then, the style of shutter shades is young, lively, fashion, so you can match it with some cute, vivacious, casual clothes with chromatic color such as T-shirts and jean shorts. Obviously, professional dressing isn't fit for shutter shades. Climbing mountains or relaxing on the seaside with comfortable T-shirts and a pair of fashionable shutter shades will bring you perfect mood.