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What are hooded eyes and what casues hooded eyes?

Have you heard of hooded eyes? I heard from my friends. What will cause hooded eyes? Are they born with hooded eyes?
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  • eddy


    The hooded eyes are that when you laugh, there is the convex beneath the eyelash.It is actually made of the orbicularis oculi. There are three main reasons for the cause of hooded eyes, including the born-to-be one. First of all, it is caused by the congenital lid muscle hypoplasia. With the age growing, the inside and outside canthus ligament is flabby and the orbicularis oculi power becomes weak. This can also cause the hooded eyes. Secondly, after the operation, too much fat and muscle tissue are lost which also cause lower eyelid tissue. Last of all, after doing the scar elimination surgery or the capsular contracture, the eyelid elastic ability is damaged which may also cause the hooded eyes. However, not like the blepharoptosis, the hooded eyes are regarded beautiful. And many stars have this kind of eyes.
  • Brandon cook


    Well, first you should know how the hooded eyes occur. As we get older, the muscles of the forehead lose their tone. Then this lead to a drooping of the eyebrows. In this case, it makes the eye seem 'hooded' and we say the hooded eyes. To treat it, the common way is to have a surgery. For example, you can take the mini-brow lift, which is an operation that lifts the brows and smoothes out the forehead. In the surgery, you will be done in several small cuts. But you don not need worry about it because the surgery performed through a thin tube or endoscope. But in my opinion, you should not take the surgery, because it can be dangerous.
  • Austin


    The term hooded eyes are used to describe eyelids. Some people also describe hooded with words thick eyelids. "hooded" make eyes looks sleepy and appear puffy. And most of people are born with hooded eyelids. But there are also some people got "hooded" eyelids because of infection, lacking of sleeping to using too much computers.
  • Dawn C.


    According to my knowledge, hooked eyes refer to the eyes with heavy eyelids. I think it is the problem of skin instead of eyes. Eyelids are part of facial figure. It is determined by gene. Some races are born with hood eyes. For example, when scientists describe the appearance of Ankura Gungan, they use the word "hooded eyes". People will get hooded eye with being older. When people get aged, the skin loses the flexibility and becomes sagging. Eyelids will hood eyes. That is all I know about "hooded eyes".
  • George Martin Jr


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