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What causes dry eyes after cataract surgery?

I feel very dry eyes after cataract surgery two weeks ago. What cayuses that? IS there anyway that i can do to release my dry eyes?
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  • Shelby rodney


    As we know, a large proportion of the corneal nerves will be cut during cataract surgery. Corneal nerves can control the tear. When the nerves are cut, the eyes cannot produce tear film properly and lead to dry eye. It will take several months after surgery for the regeneration of new corneal nerves. The following treatments might helpful: 1. Artificial tears can produce tear film temporally; 2. Anti-inflammatory medications can treat the inflammation of eyes and improve the situation.
  • cheesykittycat


    Yes, it is normal to get dry eyes after cataract surgery. This is one side effects of lasik surgery. You'd better ask your eye doctor, he/she will prescribe you some eye drops to help you release from dry eyes. And after you completely recover from the cataract surgery, dry eyes may disappear. Anyway, you shall ask for some eye drops from your eye doctor right now to help your dry eyes.
  • Kelley


    After ocular surgery such as cataract, people often suffer from dry eye. And the main reason is the use of multiple eye drops. Many of these eye drops have preservative. Either the drug itself or the preservative can cause mild toxicity to corneal surface which can cause symptoms of dry eye such as burning and foreign body sensation. To treat dry eyes, I suggest you should go and see a eye doctor, so that he can give you a good test.