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Can botox cause dark circles under eyes?

I heard that botox can cause It is used to slow aging changes in skin. But i also hear that there are some side effects of botox such as eyelid ptosis. Can botox cause dark circles under eyes?
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  • Marissa


    Actually the botox really has the side effects which may be bad for the eyes. Botox is a kind of growth under hypoxic conditions of bacteria,with strong survival ability in the canned food and seal curing food. It is one of the strongest toxic botulinum toxin, with the deadly germs. It may secrete toxins in breeding process, being one of the strongest toxic proteins. Once the body gets the botox, it may directly spread to the eye skin. The dark circles under eyes may be caused by the not smooth blood circulation around the eyes. Thus, it appears. You'd better accept the medical treatment to get rid of the botox and drink more water to make the blood circulation go fast.
  • b1eedingthrough


    Yes, you should know that botox can lead to dark cycles under the eyes. As we know that Botox has active ingredients such as botulinum toxin type. It is wildly used by many people in aging changes of skin. But on the other hand, as you have said that they actually have the side effects. For example, it will lead to eyelid ptosis, weakness, therapeutic response decreased, headache, injection site pain. So someone who uses botox should be careful about it.
  • Lex


    Till know, there is no evidence shows that Botox can cause dark circles. Botox are usually used to help people with aging changes in skin. Though it also have side effects such as eyelid ptosis, weakness, therapeutic response decreased, and headache etc. But if till know, i never heard that botox can cause dark circles. Your situation may caused by lacking of sleep.
  • Paige evelyn


    Botox will not result in dark circles under eyes. Botox can treat wrinkle in or between bows, crow's feet and forehead. Puffiness is a significant effect, which will dissipate in several weeks or months depending on individual situation. The reasons of dark circles under eyes are: 1. Pigment deposits. 2. Blood circulation under eyes. 3. Improper sleep. So, you need to do appropriate exercise, improve blood circulation and adjust rest time and working time. Have more fresh fruit and vegs.