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Can i drive after laser surgery for glaucoma?

I took an laser surgery for glaucoma a week ago. Is it OK if i drive right now?
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  • constans


    No, you can't drive right now because your vision can't get full recovery after a week. Within a week after the laser surgery for glaucoma, you have many things needing to take care. Sleep while wearing eye protection patch so as to avoid external forces which may cause corneal to flap or shift. Not smoking, drinking wine and eating less excitant strong food, watching less TV computer and books and newspapers, avoiding eyes fatigue to prevent dust, you can also wear sunglasses with flat lens. Even after a month, you could not do the strenuous activities and drive. When you have the basic full recovery on the eyes can you do this.
  • Gabriel leonard


    It depends how your recover from laser surgery. You'd better visit your eye doctor to check your eye pressure. And ask her/his advices. Generally speaking, you are not recommend to drive alone after laser surgery. If your doctor allow you drive right now, you can have a try. If not, you'd better not drive now till your eyes recovery from laser surgery for the sake of your eye health.
  • Dawn C.


    It is not advisable to drive in your case. Because of driving is a complex skill, our ability to drive safety could be challenged by changes in our physical, emotional and mental condition. Glaucoma could cause partial vision loss or total blindness. Glaucoma usually affects your peripheral vision, which is the part of your eyesight that makes you see things out of the corner of your eyes. Thus, when you are driving in this situation, you may not see other cars and people that are outside of your central field of view. Although you already took the glaucoma surgery, but everyone is different and some people's vision settles very quickly. Most people have at least two weeks break to return to normal activities, including driving. However, you had better go to see eye doctor to ensure you are able to drive again after that.
  • b0ycrazzy


    It depends on the level of your recovery. As you have taken the surgery for just one week, it is not suggested to drive. The recover period of mild and moderate laser surgery is two weeks. For people suffering severe level myopia, recover period is about one month. Only after recover period, people are OK to most things which require good vision, such as driving. Since you are still in the period, you would better not go driving now. Even when you are out of the period, there are several notices you should pay attention to. Do not smoke or be too tired while driving. Open the window or turn on air conditioner to make sure the air is fresh. Use mild dipped highlight instead of high beam as the high beam is too dazzling.

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