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Why do my contact lenses move when i blink?

I wear contact lenses to help me see things better. And the contact lenses usually move when i blink my eyes. Why?
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  • Vivid


    What you are describing would not occur due to a change in your prescription. I believe you are describing a problem with your eye itself. If you have dry eye, then you need to blink to moisture them. It is very possible that you have developed a condition called giant papillary conjunctivitis. This is an auto immune allergic type response to the presence of the contact lens and or deposits on the lens. With GPC, underside of the upper lid develops big (giant) bumps (papilla) due to allergic inflammation of the tissue under the upper lid called the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis). GPC causes the lid to produce excessive mucous which deposits the contact lens and makes it feel dry. Because the lens is deposited the lid tends to grab hold of it rather than slide over it with a blink, therefore causing the lens to displace. Once you have developed GPC it tends to become chronic. You should go back and see you eye doctor. There are treatments available to control GPC. Hope this helped.
  • Diane Bradstock


    It is normal for contact lenses move on eyes. And there are many factors can cause move of contact lenses in eyes. And blink is one of the factors that can cause contact lenses move in eyes. You know, contact lenses will float on the eyes if you put it in your eyes. When you blink eyes, the contact lenses will move naturally. Usually, contact lenses move several millimeters each time when you blink eyes.
  • eddy


    Contacts moving is a common problem for contacts wearer. According to ophthalmologist, it is because that the corneal base curve does not fit that of your cornea. If the contact lens is too tight, it cannot move properly. If it is too loose, it will move in your eyes and result in blurred vision. Besides, if wear it inside-out, it can also move and the eye will feel uncomfortable. Take it out, put it on the top of index finger and confirm whether it is inside-out. Last but not least, a contact lens that was worn for a long period of time can still result in movement. For an old contacts, some secretion could accumulate on the lens. If you cannot clear it thoroughly, bit by bit the lens would crack due to the working of those secretion. So, for the first situation, you must go back to see your doctor and reconfirm base curve of your eyes. For the second one, wear it properly. For the last one, replace a new one. Good luck!
  • Cathy


    Well, from your description, you may have it in wrong set. In this situation, you can just change them back by yourself. Also, sometimes, people's eyes change their shape. So you can see an eye doctor and tell him what happened to you. In this way, he can give you good advice. Then maybe he can recommend some contacts which can fit your eyes. But you should not do something by yourself, because that will make your eyes be infected.
  • Aaron


    When you turn your eyeballs, the contact lenses must turn with them. Contact lenses (contact lens), also called corneal contact lens, is a kind of near eyeglasses on the eye cornea. Wearing the contact lenses can you correct visual acuity. That is why you blink your eyes, the contact lenses move, too. However, you'd better take care of the hygiene when wearing the contact lenses. The water content of the contact lenses should be suitable which offers your eyeballs the enough oxygen to breathe. In addition, you should soap the contact lenses in the solution every day to get rid of the invisible bacterium on the contact lenses. Last of all, when you feel not good with contact lenses or you suspect it is folded in your eyes, you may blink your eyes or turn your eyeballs to adjust the position of the contact lenses.
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