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Is the chance less for nearsighted people to become presbyopia when they're old?

Is that true?I am going to have lasik surgery,but heard that Lasik can cause nearsighted people to become farsighted when they get older
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  • evil_bastardpdx


    Presbyopia is not the same as farsightedness.However, they have similar symptoms.Regardless of whether you have got nearsightedness, you will get presbyopia when you are old and you will need reading glasses.
  • William clive


    It is not the lasik cause the older people suffer Presbyopia, it is because their lens of the eye change in shape more for near objects than for far objects so as the lens hardens, so it's more difficult to focus on objects that are near. In a sense, nearsighted people are less likely to suffer farsightedness than others.
  • walkinginstars


    It is not true.Everyone will have presbyopia when they get old as the muscles degenerate no matter you are nearsighted or farsighted.But presbyopia may come earlier of farsighted people.
  • Allison


    When the nearsighted people get old,they may need lower prescription for glasses as the presbyopia can offset the power.But this doesn't mean they won't become presbyopia.

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