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alrex drops

My ophthalmologist gave me Alrex drops for a cornea inflammation. My eye feels all better, no more redness or tearing. I'd rather not take thedrops unless I really have to. Are they mostly for tg e comfort or is it imperative for the healing? ( seems to me to be completelyhealed at this point)
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  • John Rodriguez


    It seems that your eyes are healed by the Alrex drops, Congratulations! In fact, Alrex is a prescription eye drop that most commonly used for allergies (Also allergic conjunctivitis). And it can be also used for eye inflammation by following eye doctors' advices. From this point, the eye drops can heal the corneal inflammation not just comfort it. Maybe you can visit your doctor and get an eye check again for making sure if your eyes are completely cured. Good luck.
  • Sonya


    Alrex is a kind of Loteprednol medication, usually used for seasonal allergies, providing the patient with temporary relief from itching, redness, swelling and irritation. Loteprednol belongs to the category of medication named as corticosteroids. The drops can be used for short-term treatment for the seasonal eye allergy by reducing eye inflammation. Usually after 2hours of instilling this drop, your typical eye allergy symptoms can be relieved a lot. If you take the drop for more than 2days and no improvement has been found, you should let your doctor know the situation immediately. Just as I said it could reduce inflammation not only just provide you the relief from pain and suffering. If it works just as you said you felt much better after instilling it, you can stop instilling it. Generally speaking, this kind of eye drop shouldn't be used for more than 14 days continuously. Hope you could get well soon.