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Zachary eddy


How do you think of lasik surgery?

Is it worth?will it cause any side effect?What are the biggest benefits?
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  • cody88


    I believe the biggest benifits is to correct your vision and you will never wear glasses or contacts. I spent $2300 on my lasik surgery and I used to spend $400 on my contact lenses and $300 eyeglasses each year. I don't have to spend much money on the glasses, Furthermore, it is more convenient, I can sleep 10 mins more in the moring which is used to wearing contacts lenses,lol.
  • harris


    Some people think it's well worth to have lasik surgery. To be honest, I am really intend to get it,but I am scared about the surgery and I am not sure whether it will improve my vision in the long run.
  • griffin


    Every surgery can have risks,the lasik surgery will be no exception.I have heard that someone's vision would get worse several years later or even almost blind.But it does can correct your vision anyway,saving you the trouble of wearing glasses and the cost for them.The cost of your glasses in your life may be equal to lasik surgery's cost. So it is definitely worthwhile.

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