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Do colorblind people only see black and white?

I wonder if color blindn people can only see black and white. Is there any way to help them?
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  • b0rn2bxcrazii


    Of course not, it all depends on what kind of color blindness some people have got. Generally speaking, there are several basic kinds of color blindness. First, Red and green color blindness is the most common one. For this kind of people, they can not differentiate between red and green. And then, for Blue color blindness people, they can not distinguish both blue and yellow. For them, it will be like white or gray. For color blindness people, it is easy to have poor visual acuity and is extremely sensitive to light. So it is kind of dangerous diseases. for the treatments, they should just go and see the eye doctor, and maybe have some surgeries.
  • ellochkablecy


    Not exactly, only monochromasia see these two colors. Color blindness means you could not distinguish specified colors, one normal color group is red and green/blue. That is to say, people who have color blindness could not absorb the specific lights from the light spectrum. It can affect people's learning and reading ability, and even threat life safety, a typical example is the traffic lights. Unfortunately, color blindness cannot be treated or improved by any way because it is an inherited eye disorder.
  • croatia_diary


    Some people with color blindness only see black and white. They belong to the total color blindness. However, some people with color blindness will see some limited colors. Their color blindness belongs to the part blindness. They could use the surgery to help them get cured of the color blindness. It is safe and effective. Thus, finding a good hospital with high reputation is the necessary part to do the safe surgery.