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David Safir


Is night blindness hereditary?

My father has night blindness. Is it possible for me that one day I get night blindness? Is night blindness hereditary?
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  • green


    Well, yes, night blindness can be hereditary in some degree. So there are many people who are born with this kind of eye problem. And it can just affect their daily life. but for your situation, i can not say yes. so you can just go and see an eye doctor. Generally speaking, when you get night blindness, it will make you very difficult to see in the low light, because our eyes got a very sophisticated system, so that it can function from very dark to very bright light. And, night blindness makes you fail to adapt to the darkness. And according to many experts, wood apple leaves will be useful to your situation. First, you can soak the leaves of wood apple in water overnight and wash your eyes with that water in the morning. Anyway, you can just have a try.
  • Jason lester


    It is possible for you to get blindness because of your father's night blindness. However, not all night blindness is hereditary. In the night or dark environment you will find the action difficult to do because of bad vision. You may get the nyctalopia. There are several types of night blindness and their relative causes. First of all, it is the temporary night blindness. It is due to the lack of vitamin A because of certain digestive system. The absorption of vitamin A will cause the retinal stab cell to have no synthesis rhodopsin and cause the temporary night blindness. As long as you eat pork, liver, carrot, cod, liver oil and so on, you can complement vitamin A deficiency and the night blindness will soon be healed. In the second place, it is the acquired night blindness which is caused by the cell malnutrition in the retinal stab. Its lesions are caused by the diffuse extensive choroidal ischemia atrophy. With effective treatment, your night blindness will get recovery gradually. Last of all, it is the congenital night blindness which belongs to the congenital genetic eye disease. It is the retinal pigment denaturation, stab cell dysplasia and lost synthesis rhodopsin qualitative function that cause the night blindness.