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How long does it take for yellow eyes to go away?

I see the white of my eyes appear yellow. How long will it take if i want to clear up my yellow eyes?
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  • Jeff


    Well, generally speaking, it will just take a few days to heal the yellow eyes. And you should know that there are many factors which can lead to yellow eyes, such as the lack of sleep, high blood pressure. When you the blood pressure in your eyes, it will increase blood flow to the eyes, and even mild jaundice. Finally, you'll get yellow eyes. To treat it, you should keep drinking more water. Also, one home remedy to try is made by adding eight to 10 lemon leaves to a cup of hot water. You can put a saucer on the cup and let the leaves steep in the water for about five minutes. And then you should drink the liquid once daily for four to five days. That can be very beneficial for your symptom. Anyway, just have a try.
  • george


    When your whites of the eyes appear yellow, you should take notice of your recent health. You should go to the near hospital to have the check on the eyes and the liver part. There must be the liver that causes the problems. You should keep the good diet every day. If you accept the treatment, the yellow eyes may disappear within a week.

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