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Jacqueline warren


Do your pupils dilate when you like someone?

When you see someone you like, do your pupil dilate?
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  • Brittany green


    What? Your question is absolutely surprising you know? So, as a matter of fact, our pupils would dilate when we meet something horrible, or when we panick and are frightened by something or surprised by something. Based on your assumption , when we meet someone we like unexpectedly, we would certainly be amazed and surprised, very glad. thus, it would be normal for our pupils to dilate. Maybe that is what love is about, making your heart beat, never stop.
  • chrissyonline


    Well, generally speaking, in my opinion, you may get dilated pupils, when you see someone you like. As we know that high blood pressure and anxiety can lead to dilated pupils. And when you get high blood pressure, it can lead to high eye pressure. And in that way, it can just affect your eyes. Finally, it can lead to dilated pupils. So when you see someone you like, it will make you anxious, and have high blood pressure. In that way, it can make you get dilated pupils. Also, you should know that there are also many other factors, which can causes dilated pupils too, such as hyperventilation, muscle tensions, which are the most common causes to dilated pupils. And if you have got it, maybe you should console it with your eye doctor as soon as possible.
  • b0ycrazzy


    Yes, the dilated eyes are sometimes the natural reaction. When you find something that you have the interest in, your eyes may become dilated. When you are surprised or shocked, your eyes will be dilated too. However, after a while, the dilated eyes will be released and come back to the normal state. You just put relax.

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