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Is it safe to your vision to wear clear eyeglasses?

Do ophthalmologists think it is safe to wear clear eyeglasses only for fashion use?
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  • John clark


    non prescription glasses have the functions of preventing wind and sand as well as protecting the eyes from the UV rays or infrared ray. What's more, they can be used for decorations. Therefore, they are popular among the ordinary people who love beauty. Generally speaking, wearing non prescription eyeglasses is harmless to our eyes as they have no degrees. But poor-quality non prescription eyeglasses may still do harm to our eyes.
  • Beth


    No its safe, by the same token you could ask "Is it bad for you eyes to look out of the window".
  • cody88


    I can't conceive why you people without vision problems want to wear glasses so much. I even want to throw my eyeglasses away! So troublesome.

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