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Isabel fergus


What glasses should I get to reduce the harm to my eyes from the computer?

I need a pair of computer glasses to reduce the harm to my eyes from my computer.
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  • Mackenzie raphael


    The computer radiation do much harm to our eyes while we have not realized it . More and more office workers are being tortured by computer radiation at all times that their eyesight is getting worse and worse, alongside with eye dry, itch and fatigue. The best solution is a pair of computer glasses which is especially designed to reduce the harm of computer radiation to the eye. Computer glasses not only have magic function of vision correction but more importantly, they are unique and superior in reducing the computer radiation while we are working at the computer.
  • cajunbel29


    Computer glasses are good choices. Although computer will do harm to our eyes, we cannot give up computer especially for learning, working or even entertaining. So, here comes computer glasses that are specialy designed to people who spend long time in front of computer. So, you can shield your eyes with computer glasses to reduce the harm to eyes from computer. And if you have poor vision, you can also buy prescription computer glasses for both eye protection and vision aids.