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Zoe may


How to get rid of red eyes from crying ?

After crying too much, my eyes become red, and a little swelling. How can i reduce it? Please give me some tips!
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  • Nicholas


    Do not worry, it's always happens for people get red eyes after crying. And your eyes will be recover at the next day morning if you ignore it. While, if you want your eyes recover more quickly, you can put a bag of ice over your eyes, which can help reduce the red eyes.
  • Vanessa edward


    It is normal to get red and swelling eyes from crying. To reduce it, you can take cold compress which can reduce the swelling and redness in the eyes. Besides, apply cucumber slice on the eyes can also reduce the redness of the eyes. In addition, dietary solution, egg whites can also help you. If you want to go out immediately, just wear a eye makeup to help you cover the redness and swelling eyes. Hope this can help you.
  • Sapna


    All right, I can see that you are getting some troubles from crying too much, sorry about that .Well, it would be very common for you to get those symptoms if you cry too much. But here I should say, you can relieve them by taking some rest and apply some hot compress to your eyes. Also, try to keep a happy mood and perhaps get some eye drops for help. Hope you recover from that problem.
  • Jackson raphael


    There are some methods which can help you reduce the redness and swell. Wash your eyes with cold water, the cool temperature can reduce the puffiness. You can also grasp a bottle whatever it is in your freezer to cover on your eyes. If you have cucumbers in your freezer, cut them into slices then cover it on your eyes. Eyes drop can be used to reduce the redness. Remember to remove your makeup, if you had any, and don't rub your eyes, for it would make things worse. That's all I can tell, Wish you happy every day!