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Can fatigue cause eye pain?

Is it normal to get pain in eyes when i feel fatigue? Or it is a sign of eye diseases? How can i treat it?
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  • Matthew baker


    Yes, it is normal to get pain in eyes when you feel fatigue. If it is not serious pain, then what you need is having a good rest. You feel fatigue, then you'd better to relax yourself. Pain in your eyes may not need to any eye disease in a short time. But if you keep yourself being occupied to fatigue all the time, I'm afraid that by then you will get more diseases than just pain in the eyes. All parts of our body are working together, it is a sign for you to have a rest. Keep eye exercises or using warm towel on your eyes is quite helpful.
  • campbell


    Yes, fatigue can cause eye pain. If you get eye pain from fatigue, you shall take a good rest right now that can help you release from eye pain. In fact, fatigue can lead to many discomfort. Commonly, People with fatigue may also experience dry, watery or itchy eyes. Some people can even feel difficult to focus subject. In addition, they may also feel pain in the neck, back or shoulders etc. So, take a break when you feel fatigue. Though this is not a big problem, it is a sign that your body need rest.
  • colors8282


    Have a good rest when you feel fatigue, and you can use some eye drop to reduce eye pain. Your eyes will be better after a good rest or use eye drops. And if the above methods do not work, I suggest you see an eye doctor as soon as possible because it may caused by some disease.
  • castro_jan


    You may suffer eye fatigue, usually caused by too much eye strain. Do you over use your eyes frequently? If you do, you may need relax your eyes occasionally. If you eyes feel pain comes with you feeling fatigue. I'd suggest you to have examination in hospital. There are many reasons can cause eye pain. Most of the eye fatigues are caused by eye strain, but there is no exception of your eyes been damaged or infected.

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