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How to stop glasses from steaming up ?

When i eat some hot food, my eyeglasses is always foggy. It is really boring. Do you have any idea to stop the glasses from steaming up?
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  • Allison walker


    All right, sounds like you are really fed up with such experience right? Well, during winter time, that problem is absolutely inevitable when you get from a colder place to a warmer place, that is related to physics. However, there are some specially made glasses on the market that would prevent foggy lenses no matter the climate or something, you could get a pair from a large shopping center.
  • Makayla


    If you want to stop the glasses from steaming up when you eat some hot food or you are in the hot environment in winter. You could try to use the cleaning agent to adopt on the surface of the eyeglasses and then wash it away and dry the glasses with clean cloth which will to some degree help you stop the steaming of the glasses. You could have a try and see the effect.
  • Logan quick


    I am shortsighted too.This question has been troubling me for a long time.As your said, It's really boring!Recently,my friends introduced me a very wonderful things,"Glasses Cleaner Anti-Fog"!When the weather turns cold or you have to eat some hot food,you only need spit it on your glasses.It won't steam up by two or three days!You can get them at drug stores or online.
  • Victor Lee


    Choose eyeglasses that feature a small frame. Small-frame eyeglasses are lightweight, feature smaller lenses and fog up far less often than large-frame eyeglasses. Clean your eyeglasses with an anti-fog wipe or spray. Read and follow all manufacturer label directions carefully before applying the solution to your eyeglasses. Wipe your eyeglasses clean with liquid soap if you prefer not to use an anti-fog wipe or spray on your eyeglasses. Squirt a drop of liquid soap on a damp rag and rub it onto your eyeglass lenses. Allow the soap to soak onto the lenses for a few minutes. Take another damp rag and gently wipe your eyeglass lenses clean. Invest in eyeglasses that feature an anti-fog coating on the lenses. Anti-fog coating is applied to lenses before they are cut to fit into your frame at an optical lab. Consult with your eye doctor to determine availability and pricing options for anti-fog coated lenses.

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  • Rebecca


    In cold weather, the effectiveness of eyeglasses is often rendered null through fogging, with moisture droplets collecting on lenses and obscuring sight. To prevent this from happening to you, adjust the conditions that cause fogging or treat your glasses to keep water from collecting upon them. You can take the following method to keep it from steaming. Firstly, position winter clothing to prevent steaming. Secondly, transition from cold to hot areas gradually. Thirdly,treat your glasses with commercially made anti-fogging solution.
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