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How to stop glasses from hurting ears?

My eyeglasses always cause discomfort on my ears. Do you have such experience? How can i stop glasses from hurting my ears?
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  • hebe


    Usually any eyeglass company will adjust your glasses for you free. you also can adjust them yourself. Just do it slowly and carefully. And remember, once your ears are sore it's going to take a while for the new adjustment to take effect. Good luck.
  • Allison walker


    The first thing to do is clean your frames thoroughly. Long time wearing without any washing is easy to gather germs and sweat on frames together. These may the vital important factors that make you uncomfortable. Also, eyeglasses frames can press your nerves around ears for long time. The high pressure in ears leads to your ear pain naturally.
  • Isabel cook


    Well, from what you said, I know you are annoyed with the uncomfort caused by the frames of your glasses, which is quite hard for you. So, from what I know, you could try to wrap something soft around the frames to relieve that problem. Or better yet, try to get another pair that would be compatible with your head with the assistance from the salesperson in the optical store. And try to make sure your glasses are not much too small.
  • Logan


    Yes, I had similar experience before. You have several solutions. 1.Replace present glasses with lighter ones. Change the material of earpiece into softer ones. 2. Reduce the time your wear your glasses regularly.When you are home, let your glasses down. 3.Replace your glasses with contact lens. Contact lens won't affect your ears. Or you can choose to wear contact lens and glasses alternatively. 4.Have laser eye surgery so that you don't need any medical device for your eyes. 5.Massage your ears. This relieves your discomfort.
  • Rebecca


    Most likely, the pain is caused by an incorrect adjustment of your glasses.Each of us has a unique head shape, and our glasses need to be personally customized.It is highly recommended that you see a professional to adjust your glasses; and lucky for you, help can be found at your eye doctor's office. In most cases, they should be able to quickly adjust your frames for no cost.If you have to, you can try to adjust your glasses at home. You%u2019ll have to be careful not to bend your frames out of shape! Using your fingers, or with the help of a metal plier, press down gradually on the area needing an adjustment. Pressure should be applied softly, and keep in mind that a small modification has a greater impact than you would think.If your glasses continue to cause pain, you'll want to consider talking to your eye doctor about a frame shape and size that would be a better fit.
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  • Victor Lee


    From my point of view, you must have gotten a pair of heavy glasses or the PD of your glasses is bigger than yours. For the fist case, you should pick a light frame with high index lenses. For the second case, I suggest you to change for another frame according your accurate PD.