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Is it okay for men to wear tortoise-shell sunglasses?

I have seen many sunglasses come in tortoise-shell color,will it be fine for men?
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  • walker8016


    Yes, it is okay for men to wear tortoise-shell sunglasses. In fact, If tortoise-shell sunglasses fit for you not depend on you are men or women. It is up to what type of person you are. If you are a man like johnny depp, tortoise-shell sunglasses must work well on you. Anyway, you shall try on and see how you look with the sunglasses. If the sunglasses make you look well, take it. Or just quit it for other suitable one.
  • Benjamin gary


    Of course.Tortoise-shell sunglasses are very popular with many people including women and men. It just depends on your own preference. If you think they look good on you, just wear them then.
  • neva taylor


    Why not? Sunglasses in tortoise-shell is one of the fashionable color of recent years. You can choose any color you like and try it on to see if it is suitable for you.
  • Tessence


    Definitely yes!There is no hard rule saying men can't wear tortoise-shell sunglasses.Actually men can be more sexy in them.
  • Stacy


    Sure. I just got a pair of tortoise-shell sunglasses and they look really cool on me.
  • bell


    Both women and men can wear it.Just try to see how it looks on you.