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What are the symptoms of retinal detachment?

I just wonder how can people tell when they have retinal detachment. What are the symptoms of retinal detachment?
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  • Samuel hill


    Retinal detachment begin when the vitreous gel that fills the center of the eye shrinks and separates from the retina. But retinal detachment is painless and the symptoms of retinal detachment almost always appear before it occurs. Retinal detachment symptoms conclude a shadow or curtain over a portion of your visual field. Or you may suddenly flashes of light in one or both eyes. Besides, the sudden appearance of many floaters in your eyes.
  • eddy


    People who see floaters in the field of vision may get retinal detachment. If you see dark specks, globs, strings, or dots in your eyes, you may get floaters. Floaters are one of the symptoms of retinal detachment. Another symptom of retinal detachment is the flashes of light or sparks which are easy to be seen in the dark background. If you suffer these symptoms, you'd better go to see a doctor immediately.

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