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Jose joyce


Can I wear glasses when taking a shower?

I just got my new glasses and i really love them. I also wear them in the shower. But my friend told me it is bad for them. Is that true?
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  • Sarah Meidal


    You all are thinking like men. . I am a women and can’t see up close. I need to shave my legs. It would be great to have shower glasses to see the hair.
  • Zoe


    It is OK to wear glasses when you take a shwer. But i don't think you will feel good when you take a shower with eyeglasses. The warm water and heat can cause your glasses foggy up and wet. You still see nothing if you wear eyeglasses. Personally, you needn't wear glasses when you taking a shower. Without eyeglasses, you can also wash your face when you take a shower.
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  • Connor scott


    No. I just wonder why you wear glasses when taking a shower. I think it is unnecessary to wear glasses when taking a shower because you don't have to see things clearly while taking a shower. What's more, if you are nearsighted, you can see clearly without glasses when taking a shower. Besides, wearing glasses while taking a shower can easily make the glasses fog up because the shower is so hot and steamy, which will impair your vision.
  • erraticgothles


    Yes, if you like to wear it. lolo..... But personally, i prefer to take off my eyeglasses when i take shower. Because i think, i needn't vision aids during taking shower. Besides, if you wear eyeglasses, the water splash on your eyeglasses lenses can also blur your vision. Without eyeglasses, i can take shower more freely, meantime, i also wash my face. Thought eyeglasses are fashionable right now, there is nobody will appreciate it when you take shower.
  • DR Kira Dome


    It's okay as long as your okay with the fog it creates when the water is warm.