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What are the best eye drops for red eyes?

I have chronic red eyes. What are the best eye drops for red eyes to remove the redness permanently?
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  • Benson Dubois


    Eye drops can keep your eyes moist and release your red eyes, but it can't cure red eyes. So, you can another easy way to help your red eyes. In details, you can take ice pack to decrease red eyes. It is easy and works. Besides, you can also wash your eyes by using an eye cup or a cotton with honey and warm milk. What's more, you can boil some fennel seeds and let the water to cool. Then strain the liquid and use that water to wash the infected eye twice a day. It helpful to decrease pain, redness and inflammation.
  • Nicholas


    You'd better go to see an ophthalmologist and have your eyes checked to find out the exact reason for your red eyes. Then the doctor will prescrible you the eye drops to treat your red eyes. Since you have chronic red eyes, they won't clear up in a short time. Only the ophthalmologist will know how to treat your chronic red eyes effectively. So don't get eye drops for your red eyes by yourself over the counter.